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About Coriander's

Life Is Good With Food

Welcome to corianders !! where I celebrate With my customers authentic Indian cuisine . Cooking the very genunine Indian food Is no less than a magic .  We cook  at slow heat with love and patience and then let the flavour simmer and dissolve in every grain and herb . The result is that amazing unforgettable delectable Indian taste  That lingers on your mind even if the memory fades.

 Corianders is one of those exclusive restaurants where you won’t get something from every part of the world but rather only the best and most from Amardeep creation of  its own signature north Indian dishes .

My satisfied customers have defined it as a culinary experience complete with modern decor with a fine detail and friendly staff.


Corianders orginally I started form Newzealand (Christchurch) in 2006 where passionate culinary experts won over the kiwis hearts with orginal taste of Indian cuisine. 

Corianders offer’s take out,online dlv ,Zomato ,Swiggy .making it one of the most hospitable eateries in Try city .My restaurant Corianders review mention the quality of the food,The professionalism of the staff ,and the ethnic vibrancy of the atmosphere. Bollywood celebrities  Cricketers have responded with the positive review for Coriander’s.

Great experience of having Prince Charles and Camilla enjoyed Corianders cuisine.

I invite you from bottom of my heart to a very delightful ,Pleasurable visit to Ethnic Corianders .

Amardeep Singh